ILPA Policy Briefing Series - October 2019

ILPA has produced a series of policy briefings across all aspects of immigration law and practice.  These papers will form the basis of policy and influencing work for the next few years.  We are very grateful to all the ILPA members who worked on these papers. Please can all members look at some, or all, of these papers and come back to us with any comments and feedback by Monday 4th November 2019 to [email protected]

ILPA Policy Briefings Key Reccommendations Document

1 ILPA Asylum Policy Briefing 

2 ILPA Detention Policy Briefing 

3 ILPA EEA Nationals Policy Briefing 

4 ILPA Employed Workers and the Sponsorship System Policy Briefing 

5 ILPA Family Migration Policy Briefing 

6 ILPA Hostile Environment Policy Briefing 

8 ILPA Non-Sponsored Routes Policy Briefing 

9 ILPA Regional Systems Policy Briefing 

10 ILPA Study Policy Briefing 

12 ILPA Vulnerable Groups Policy Briefing 

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