Tanya Goldfarb

Bindmans LLP

ILPA Trustee and liaison for the ILPA Economic and Well-being Working Groups

I have exclusively practiced immigration law & have been a member of ILPA since qualifying as a solicitor (in 1996); I am an active member, contributor to & supporter of ILPA – having been an Executive Committee member in 2003, a co-convenor of the Economic Working Group & I co-founded and am the current co-convenor of the NY Working Group. I am standing for the position of Trustee for ILPA to help continue shape the future of the work that we all do and to ensure that our voices are heard by UKVI! I bring a breadth & depth of experience to the role – having worked in the UK and more recently out of the US. I have been instrumental is opening up the lines of communication and transparency in the US between practitioners, the UKVI and their commercial partners, and in sharing this information with the ILPA membership to the benefit of all. The world of immigration is ever-changing and I believe it is vital to all our practices to have local, national and international perspectives/experiences be part of ILPA’s day to day operations, outreach, training, policy and representations. I would be honoured to give back to ILPA to ensure we stay at the forefront of all aspects of immigration work and to keep the UKVI accountable.