Lucy Mair

Barrsiter at Garden Court North Chambers

Co-convenor of the ILPA North West Working Group

Lucy Mair is a Barrister at Garden Court North Chambers. Lucy regularly represents clients in all types of immigration and asylum appeals. Lucy is particularly noted for representing vulnerable clients who are victims of human trafficking, torture, domestic violence and sexual or other forms of exploitation. Lucy appears regularly in the First Tier and Upper Tribunals and has had success appealing to the Court of Appeal. She also has experience of bringing CART judicial reviews again the Upper Tribunal. 

Lucy’s approach to immigration and asylum case is substantially informed by her detailed knowledge of domestic, regional and international human rights law due to her previous career with Human Rights Watch. 

Lucy is a co-convenor of the ILPA North West working group.

Lucy delivers ILPA’s ‘Asylum, Trafficking and Modern Slavery’, ‘EU Settlement Scheme’ (beginner and advanced), ‘Applications and appeals under paragraph 276ADE(1) (iv) of the Immigration Rules (‘7 Year Applications’)’, and ‘Introduction to Asylum and International Protection’ for MP Caseworkers and Researchers. Lucy was also a panelist on ILPA’s inaugural International Women’s Day Conference: Women in the Hostile Environment.

Lucy's Upcoming Training

Lucy's Past Training

ILPA will be hosting its inaugural ‘Women in the Hostile Environment Conference’ in celebration of International Women’s Day on 06 March 2020. International Women’s Day (08 March) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. This conference aims to cover a broad range of issues and developments facing women in the hostile environment, as well as sharing campaign initiatives, strategic litigation cases and best practice.

The conference will be addressing the following topics:

  • Women in the hostile environment
  • Access to primary and secondary healthcare and maternity charging
  • The Istanbul Convention
  • European Law and Article 8 of the ECHR
  • Destitution and Section 17 of the Children’s Act 1989
  • Detention
  • Trafficking and the NRM

This conference is also an opportunity for us to celebrate the contributions of women within the legal and immigration sector in challenging systemic, structural and social inequalities as well as the positive impact they make to the lived experiences of migrant women and their families in the UK and abroad.

Chair: Nicole Masri, Rights of Women


Lucy Mair, Barrister, Garden Court North Chambers

Neena Acharya, Senior Solicitor, Coram Children’s Legal Centre

Carita Thomas, Solicitor, ATLEU,

Katy Robinson, Partner, Wilsons Solicitors,

Priya Solanki, Barrister, One Pump Court

Louise Hooper, Barrister, Garden Court Chambers

Abi Brunswick, Director, Project 17 and member of the Unity Project Steering Committee

Rosalind Bragg, Director, Maternity Action

Tutors: Lucy Mair, Garden Court North Chambers, Bryony Rest, David Gray Solicitors and David Pountney, Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit (GMIAU)

This course is a practical session designed to help a caseworker become a pro at using the EU Settlement Scheme. The training will take you through the life cycle of a case using the Android app and will provide you with a detailed overview of the new system and how to effectively navigate it to assist your clients.  The materials will cover the law, documents required, red flags and how non EU national family members also apply under the Scheme. There will also be a specific focus on issues impacting those with vulnerabilities who are looking to make applications under the Scheme.

  • The legal framework of the Settled Status Scheme and the legal basis of the status;
  • The development of the Scheme and the plasticity of the rules – a warning that things can change fast;
  • How to use the app to get to the application;
  • How to make an application;
  • The documentation: what to collect before starting the process including issues with regards to variations of documentation;
  • Submitting documentation; the limitations of size and number and making paper applications;
  • What to do if there is a request for further documentation and how to address the questions;
  • Issues of importance in respect of people with vulnerabilities – identifying the vulnerabilities and seeking to overcome them;
  • Regional case studies

This training was part of the ILPA EU Settlement Scheme training programme, which comprised of seventeen training sessions delivered in eight regions across the UK between June 2019 – December 2019.

Tutors: Lucy Mair, Garden Court North Chambers and Carita Thomas, ATLEU

This one-day course looks at the law, processes and skills involved in representing victims of trafficking in an immigration context. The morning session will cover the identification process, legal challenges and the range of immigration issues that might be engaged. The afternoon session will focus on the practical skills required in representing victims of trafficking who are seeking asylum.

This session will provide an introduction and comprehensive overview on the issues involved in representing victims of trafficking and modern slavery, the different routes to obtaining leave, and guidance on legal challenges. We will also consider how to work with clients, and the skills required to prepare successful cases.


  • Identification of victims of trafficking and slavery
  • the law (including ECAT, Home Office guidance, and case law)
  • the funding of cases
  • Rules-based and discretionary leave
  • human rights and protection applications
  • remedies (including reconsiderations
  • judicial review and appeals) and their interplay
  • drafting witness statements
  • instructing experts
  • preparing representations and appeals
  • working under a Legal Aid contract

This course forms part of ILPA’s project on ‘Upholding Legal Rights for Unaccompanied Children: Fostering Quality Legal Assistance in the Asylum Procedure’ – in collaboration with ECRE. The aim of this project is to ensure access to quality legal assistance for unaccompanied children by improving the knowledge of legal standards that protect and promote children’s rights in Europe, including the right to asylum.

The project is co- funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship (REC) Programme of the European Union.

ILPA is commissioned by Parliament UK to deliver training to MP researchers and caseworkers throughout the UK on Introduction to Immigration Law and Introduction to Asylum and International Protection.

Often lawyers are asked to step in when things go wrong.
 What happens to employees when their employer loses his/her licence to sponsor them? Can employers challenge revocation of their licence?  What should they do when a licence is suspended.  Judith Farbey QC and Nichola Carter have acted in these complex and difficult cases.  Their training has a reputation for clarity of explanation and they will guide you through this pressurized and difficult work, helping you to understand the full range of options open to clients.

Tutors: Lucy Mair, Garden Court North Chambers and Sumita Gupta, MiCLU Islington Law Centre

This course is a practical guide to preparing successful applications for leave to remain for children (and their families) who have lived in the UK for 7 years or more, and challenging negative decisions on these applications. The course will provide an overview of law and practice in relation to these applications, and will also address fee waivers and No Recourse to Public Funds conditions and their relevance in applications. The course will also address the benefits of taking a Child Rights based approach to evidence and legal argument when preparing applications and appeals.

Asylum, Trafficking & Modern Slavery

This was an excellent course. Both trainers were generally leading experts but they also communicated really effectively. The style also worked very well (structured but informal).

Asylum, Trafficking & Modern Slavery

I like the discussion of trainers sharing direct examples of experience, interactive approach to training and case studies and the really comprehensive materials.

Asylum, Trafficking & Modern Slavery

This was one of the best ILPA courses I’ve been on for ages; it was really informative & highly relevant. Thank you so much for holding it in Manchester!

Asylum, Trafficking & Modern Slavery

I thoroughly enjoyed the training.

Asylum, Trafficking & Modern Slavery

Really interactive and gave practical examples/cases.

Asylum, Trafficking & Modern Slavery

Excellent training!

Asylum, Trafficking & Modern Slavery

Thank you very much for all your efforts, commitment and for sharing your knowledge.

Applications and appeals under paragraph 276ADE(1) (iv) of the Immigration Rules (‘7 Year Applications’).

The course was excellent.