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Challenging the Dynamics of Racism

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This course is an safe and interactive opportunity to learn and apply some of the latest thinking from anti-oppression theory to help us understand why and how we are socialised and conditioned in the dynamics of racism.

Racism is massively on the rise throughout the world. We are seeing rebellions throughout the world as people rise up against the issues impacting racialised people such as police brutality, different health outcomes as highlighted by the pandemic and widespread lack of opportunity.

This is a vital time to learn to challenge the dynamics of racism.

If we are not able to understand the dynamics in play, we are not able to critically analyse and do our part to intervene – in ourselves, our communities and our organisations – to create more inclusive ways forward.

The aim of this course is to create a safe and non-judgemental environment where we can all learn and grow. You may have little knowledge around issues of race – but feel deeply uncomfortable with the rhetoric and want to learn more; you may want to stand in solidarity with those that are rising up and need more knowledge to be able to do that; you may have lived experience of racism and want to understand more and/or you may work around these issues and want a theoretical and practical understanding to help support you with your actions.

By the end of the course, participants will have a greater understanding of how we are all socialised in racism, what patterns support this socialisation and some of the ways that we can challenge these patterns.

This will allow you to engage with these issues more deeply – in yourself and in what you see around you.

The aim is to shift your motivation to bring change.

Please email Raggi at raggikotak@gmail.com for more information.

This course is taking place on the following dates:


27th July 2020
2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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Tutor details:
Raggi Kotak, One Pump Court Chambers
Tutor biographies:

Raggi identifies as a Queer, Britsh Asian woman, living in London.  She is committed to helping to create more diverse and inclusive spaces. 

Raggi is a human rights barrister, working with asylum seekers.   

She also studies Process Work - a brilliant facilitation method for conflict and change, which informs her work.

Raggi has a long term history of activism, working around issues of race and gender violence, working with numerous individuals and organisations.  She is currently a Board member of Imkaan, a second tier violence against women project - supporting minoritised communities.  

She regularly runs sessions for different groups on Power and Oppression.  She also manages Race Talk- a discussion space on Facebook. 

Aim of Course:
Previous participant feedback:

'The course was wonderful. Raggi is super knowledgeable, passionate and warm. She held a space for us to lean into the awkwardness about race and start to overcome it. Although I've been a trainer myself for years and hold awkward conversations around race in those trainings, I definitely deepened my knowledge and reflection through this short training.' Natasha Adams, Trainer and activist

'This course provides an incredible space to speak and become free from the confines of a racialized society, allowing us to move out of it and become more.' Lou Lachman, Psychotherapist

'This is a great course to get to grips with the terms and dynamics of race. Raggi is very committed to this work and passionate. She created a great environment for self-reflection while at the same time ignited interest for more.' Venetia Bouronikou, Psychotherapist, Process Worker, Group facilitator

'A very insightful course, passionately delivered and thought provoking.' Izbeth Khan Apna Haq

'The presenter creates a safe space to discuss important but difficult issues around race - prepare to be informed and challenged but supported.' Andrew Jeffrey, Lecturer, Sheffield University

'The material was very well researched, structured and clearly explained. This complex issue brings up difficult feelings and Raggi's care and honesty supported us to sit with these together. Building our capacity for racial literacy, particularly as white people, is urgently needed and Raggi is a force for change in this field.' Savannah Theis, Process Worker, Therapist and Group Facilitator (in training)

Basic, Intermediate, Advanced
This training is aimed at all ILPA members and the training is open to the public. The group will be mixed and diverse.