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World Menopause Day 2021 18-10-2021

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World Menopause Day was founded to raise awareness about the menopause and provide women with support who are experiencing the menopause and peri-menopause. 

Health and Her say:

No two women’s experience is the same, and being aware and able to recognise that your symptoms might be down to fluctuating hormones is the first step to managing them.

For many women, it can be difficult to know if you are going through menopause, especially if you already have irregular periods. The time that leads up to menopause – which can be months or years – is known as Perimenopause.

Why does menopause occur?

Oestrogen is a hormone mainly produced in the ovaries and is responsible for controlling many functions in the body including the production of an egg each month (ovulation). As a woman gets older, their store of eggs in the ovaries naturally declines. Menopause occurs when your ovaries stop producing eggs and your body’s oestrogen levels fall. As a result, there are many changes that can occur to the body including no longer having periods and the symptoms we associate with the menopause.

The symptoms associated with menopause tend to be a result of hormone imbalance and lack of oestrogen. There are over 30 symptoms associated with menopause, but the British Menopause Society list of most commonly experienced symptoms includes:

– Hot Flushes
– Vaginal Dryness
– Weight Gain
– Sleeping Problems
– Stress & Anxiety
– Loss of Sex Drive
– Night Sweats
– Skin Changes
– Joint Aches
– Low Energy
– Low Mood
– Period Changes
– Brain Fog
– Sensitive Bladder
– Painful Sex
– Headaches

We have compiled some resources that may bring you comfort and help you on your journey: 

Experiencing menopause in the legal profession – The Law Society

With over half of the legal profession being female, and a growing number of mid-life women remaining in their careers, it’s imperative we lift the stigma on the menopause, and all issues faced by women. The resource covers suggestions to organisations on adjusting working environments, what actions and behaviours are discriminatory and how to curate a supportive and inclusive culture. It also offers advice to all women, both currently experiencing the menopause and those that wish to be prepared and involved in paving the way for their generation.


The M Word: Everything You Need to Know About the Menopause by Dr Phillipa Kaye

Older and Wider: Menopausal musings from the midlife by Jenny Eclair

The Gynae Geek: Your No-Nonsense Guide to ‘Down-There’ Healthcare’ by Dr Anita Mitra


My Menopause Doctor

The Hot & Moody Podcast

The Happy Menopause: Breaking the Menopause Taboo with Jo McEwan

Eating for The Menopause with Dr Hannah Short and Dr Rupy Augjla


Diet & Menopause by the Food Medic, Dr Hazel Wallace

Is the menopause still taboo in law firms? By Kathy Abernethy – The Law Society Gazette

Support Groups

Talking Menopause

Talking Menopause aims to be the solution to positively impact a culture change in organisations around menopause. We are a team of experienced consultants, including business coaches and menopause professionals and are all committed to raising awareness of menopause in the workplace.

Menopause help: the best forums and support groups for menopausal women

You can find more resources on our website here


October 18
12:01 am - 11:59 pm
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