Home Office update on provision of Life in the UK test (8 July 2024)

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ILPA received the below update from the Home Office on 8 July 2024:

Most customers applying for settlement or for British citizenship must pass a Life in the UK Test ahead of submitting their application. 

Currently PSI Services (UK) Limited provide the testing service for UKVI.  Following a procurement exercise last year, the new contract for the Life in the UK Test has been awarded to Reed in Partnership, commencing in Autumn 2024.

The customer journey will remain broadly the same, but customers booking a test date for 1st October onwards will be directed to a Reed In Partnership website rather than PSI Services (UK) Limited. Customers will be able to book tests for this date onwards with Reed in Partnership from mid-August. There are no significant impacts on customers envisaged. We have also put in place transitional arrangements with both suppliers to minimise disruption and impact of the change on customers. Communications to ensure customers are aware of the change will be published on GOV.UK and supplier websites.

The test will remain the same and there will be no change to the Life in UK handbook or the GOV.UK “prepare for your test” advice.

What customers need to do will be clearly communicated on the GOV.UK website.

To ensure continuity of service, there will be no changes to the existing service which will operate as normal until the transition to the new contract is completed. URNs provided to the customer by PSI Services (UK) Limited will remain valid indefinitely. 

In the meantime, if you have any queries or if you know of any stakeholders you think would be interested in receiving communications from us; please contact procurementbusinesschange@homeoffice.gov.uk.