ILPA Members’ Only Google Group Guidelines


Welcome to ILPA’s Google Group. This is a private group for ILPA members to easily connect with other members and share tips, information and any challenges you are facing relating to immigration and nationality law. The group is not intended for issues relating to international protection and asylum law. 


To make the most of the group ILPA recommends that Members undertake some initial research and look at the relevant guidance before posting.


  1. You must be an ILPA member to join. If your ILPA membership lapses and you have not renewed, you will be removed from the group. Please therefore ensure you and your organisation are identifiable in messages to the group (especially if you have not used your work email to join the group) and ensure that when you join your ILPA Membership is listed
  2. Any information posted on this group is not to be disseminated publicly outside the group (such as on social media) without the permission of the original poster. This includes information posted by the ILPA Secretariat. However, to avoid any confidentiality breaches, you should not post confidential information on the group. If you are posting information that you are happy to be shared, you may wish to indicate this
  3. No job vacancies to be listed please. We will remove it and you from the group. Please use the ILPA website instead at Job Vacancies.
  4. Any post to the group, or email sent to,  will be sent to all members who have signed up to receive messages via email. As a result, once the message has been sent, those emails cannot be recalled. Please be aware of this before posting.
  5. Please ensure messages of thanks etc. intended for one person are only sent to that person and that you do not post these to the group or copy in the email address. This is to minimise traffic on the group.
  6. Be courteous to other forum users and follow ILPA’s guidelines for members

ILPA will occasionally monitor the group to find out about important issues affecting our members and to ensure our guidelines are being followed. However, if you have a specific issue you wish to raise with ILPA please contact

ILPA is not responsible for any of the posts on this group and the posts do not necessarily reflect ILPA’s views.