Are you interested in becoming a trustee of ILPA?

Each year at the Annual General Meeting the committee of trustees are appointed,

Our Annual General Meeting took place on 24 November 2020 and the new committee were voted in by the membership.

If you are interested in standing for our committee in 2021 you can find out more during the year ahead. There is more information below and get in touch at any point. A good initial way to get more involved with ILPA’s work is through the thematic working groups.

Our committee of trustees must both reflect and represent the interests of all ILPA members, from all sectors of immigration work and throughout the UK.

Whatever your area of work or level of experience you have something to offer.

We urge all interested members to put themselves forward for election to the committee of trustees.

In September 2020 we held a really useful members meeting to find out more about becoming a trustee, you can view the recording here.

Trustees play a pivotal role in ensuring that ILPA operates in the best interests of its members and stays true to its mission of promoting and improving the advice and representation of migrants and securing a non-racist, non-sexist, just and equitable system of immigration, refugee and nationality law practice.

Anyone is welcome who is willing to contribute.

ILPA Trustee

As a trustee you will have the opportunity to support and shape our work and direction of the organisation. You can make a significant difference that’s not only important to you, but also to all of our members. ILPA immensely appreciates the experience, expertise and passion that our Trustees bring to the organisation.

We are seeking enthusiastic and proactive people who are passionate about making a positive change within the sector and to the overall practice of immigration law in the UK.

Each year prior to the AGM we ask for interested members to stand as Trustees, if there are sufficient numbers interested we will go to a ballot of the members. 

Previous trustees have said:

You can work with your peers across all sectors of immigration law. You get a good understanding of what is going on in different sectors. The meetings are friendly, collaborative, interesting and fun

This work is more relevant and important than ever before. You can feel you are involved in shaping immigration law, and addressing aspects that are not working well. It is very much a collaborative approach amongst the committee and the membership: we don’t just apply the law, we’re here to influence change and make it better. Because migrants don’t always get listened to it is a platform to make those changes.

Useful resources

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