Pro-bono support for legal advice, ACTSA (Action for Southern Africa)


Action for Southern Africa (ACTSA) is the successor organisation to the Anti-Apartheid Movement (AAM) and is continuing the social justice work led by communities in southern Africa and the UK, to address the legacies of colonialism, racism and apartheid. 

In the last year, ACTSA has provided support to citizens from the southern Africa region who have been involved in legal processes in the UK. These have included applications for political asylum from activists from Zimbabwe, who have suffered torture, arrest and/or arbitrary imprisonment in their home country; and whistleblowers in relation to corporate and government corruption in the region. Pre 1994, AAM was able to call on legal support via the Lawyers Against Apartheid (LAA) group and its contacts within the British legal profession. Today the need for legal support is rising again in relation to human rights abuses in the region, including torture and asylum applications, and as a result ACTSA is seeking volunteers to join a new network of lawyers working for human rights, specifically in relation to Southern Africa.

ACTSA is currently taking steps to put in place networks of people and professionals who will be able to respond to the needs, as well as addressing institutional structures to mitigate the conditions giving rise to political and anti-corruption activism, such as the campaign to establish an international anti-corruption court.

If you would like to find out more about joining this network, please contact to request further details.

Document Date
Thursday October 19, 2023