Strategic Legal Fund

ILPA is responsible for managing the Strategic Legal Fund which awards grands to support pre-litigation research and interventions in areas that could benefit young migrants.

We have identified strategic legal work as a key means of achieving change and promoting a just and equitable immigration, asylum and nationality law practice. Hosting the Strategic Legal Fund provides ILPA with the opportunity to become aware of innovative strategies for promoting the rights of young migrants at the earliest possible stage, to support and shape this work and to explain, and disseminate information about, victories won. The fund reaches beyond immigration to all areas of law touched by immigration status, often components of the ‘hostile environment’ with which young migrants must contend.

Covid -19 update

Due to Covid-19 outbreak the SLF paused funding rounds between April and October 2020.

The SLF is pleased to announce that funding rounds have now resumed. The next round closes at 5pm on the 25th of February 2021

If you are interested in submitting an application or have any questions about the SLF please contact the SLF Project Manager Claire Tindale on

Strategic Legal Fund Project Manager Claire Tindale contact her on

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