It’s your ILPA and there are many ways to get involved.  If you have seen something that interests (or troubles) you, or acquired information that you think may be of use to other members, then do let the Secretariat know.  The information that members provide to ILPA is circulated in emails to working groups and links to key documents are listed in the ILPA monthly mailings sent by post,  and featured on this website.


Take a look at the calendar on these pages so that you know what is happening next.
Come on ILPA training sessions to deepen your knowledge of the subject.
Join a working group to receive email updates, get reports of meetings and a chance to feed into the agenda.  Working group meetings are a great place to start getting involved.
Look at the meetings at which ILPA is represented and suggest items to be raised.
Assist  with consultations that are pending – supply examples or opinions on the questions asked or offer to help with writing up.
Contribute casenotes, practice notes, letters you have received and responses to Freedom of Information Act requests to the ILPA mailing.
Find out more on these pages about ILPA’s policies.
Come and consult ILPA’s library, or donate a book you have written to the library.
Offer to train for ILPA.
Offer to host a training session by e-mailing