Minutes | Scotland

Minutes from ILPA Scotland Working Group Meeting of 4 March 2018 (8 July 2020)

European Update | European

ILPA European Update June 2020

UKVI Documents | Removals, Detention and Offences

Country returns guide June 2020 (24 June 2020)

UKVI Documents | Refugee

Pakistan CPIN: internal relocation (2 July 2020)

Updated country information and assessment and removal of the sections referring to actors of protection, information of which is now available in a discrete CPIN.

UKVI Documents | Refugee

Pakistan CPIN: actors of protection (2 July 2020)

First version of discrete CPIN on actors of protection.

UKVI Documents | Refugee

Iraq CPIN: internal relocation, civil documentation and returns (30 June 2020)

Updated information on obtaining a CSID via the Iraqi Embassy in London.

UKVI Documents | Refugee

Bangladesh CPIN: women fearing gender-based violence (29 June 2020)

Updated assessment and country information.

UKVI Documents | Refugee

Albania CPIN: trafficking of women for sexual exploitation (29 June 2020)

Both country information and assessment have been updated.

UKVI Documents | Refugee

Afghanistan CPIN: anti-government elements (23 June 2020)

Updated assessment to include the country guidance case AS (Safety of Kabul). Afghanistan (CG) [2020] UKUT 130 (IAC) (1 May 2020). The Home Office says there been no substantive update to the country information.

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