ILPA documents | North West

Minutes of ILPA North West Working Group meeting of 17 June 2020

With thanks to Zila Lwanda of Shoosmiths, please find below minutes from the most recent working group meeting, Also, if anyone else would be interested in an informal Zoom chat with the group, please let me know! Take care,  Shara  Note of the ILPA meeting on 17 June 2020 UKVCAS experiences during Covid-19 Query as […]

ILPA documents | Economic Migration

ILPA Economic migration working group meeting of 1 July 2020, zoom recording

You can now access the recording of the meeting here Password: 5r&%$@74

UKVI Documents

Publication of DSO 01 2020 Detainee access to video call service 

New guidance published.  This DSO provides guidance on the new Skype service that has been rolled out across the detention estate.

ILPA documents | Economic Migration

FOI on ePassport Gates (10 June 2020)

Kathryn Denyer of Lewis Silkin has obtained this documentation following a freedom of information request. You can see the full request here. The documentation includes the Home Office guidance document “B5JSSK – Processing nationals of Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, and the United States (B5JSSK)” published for Home Office staff on 7 […]

Minutes | Economic Migration

Minutes of ILPA Economic Migration Working Group meeting 20 May 2020 (Draft)

Minutes | Economic Migration

Agenda for ILPA Economic Migration Working Group meeting 1 July 2020

Minutes of last meeting and matters arising. Coronavirus response:a. Updates from UKVIb. In-countryc. Applicants overseasd. Sponsors Ongoing BRP issues. Member queries. Working Group training needs.

ILPA documents | Well-being

ILPA Well-being Newsletter edition # 7

Dear Member,  Welcome to your fortnightly ILPA Well-being Newsletter. During these uncertain times ILPA is dedicated to ensuring that all members have access to information about free mental health and well-being resources. This week our newsletter focuses on the connection between nature and mental health. During lockdown many of us have found solace in green spaces, […]


ILPA members Google Group

As you will know we have been running an ILPA Coronavirus Google Group for members for the past few months. We have now decided to convert the group so that it relates to the broader spectrum of immigration and nationality law i.e. it is no longer confined to Coronavirus issues, although we do expect that […]

ILPA documents | Courts and Tribunals

Email from HMCTS re hosting appellants at representatives’ premises (18 June 2020)

From: Mountain, Natalie Sent: Thursday, 18 June 2020, 06:46Subject: RE: Stakeholder Meeting Action – remote hearings Good morning both, Thank you for the further information that you have provided.  I have made some enquiries with the Chamber President and have set out the position below. The appropriate way forward in each appeal will continue to be […]

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