ILPA sends joint open letter to the Home Office setting out significant concerns over the UK’s transition to eVisas (11 June 2024)

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ILPA has written to the Home Office to express considerable concerns with the processes involved in the digitalisation of immigration status in the UK. Our letter sets out five cross-cutting concerns, regarding:

  • a lack of harmonisation in the wider strategy for digitalisation of the immigration system;
  • the absence of transitional phase after 31 December 2024;
  • technical errors;
  • vulnerable migrants;
  • public awareness.

We also make a number of recommendations, both in the immediate term and the medium term.

The letter has been signed by over 230 experienced practitioners, advisers, frontline workers, experts, and organisations working in the field of immigration and asylum, many of whom have been engaged with the Home Office through various forums and stakeholder and advisory groups for considerable time. We hope our collective expertise will be heeded.

The letter can be read in full below.

Document Date
Tuesday June 11, 2024