Andrea Als

Director at PwC

ILPA Trustee and Liaison for the ILPA BAME Working Group

I am a Director at PwC specialising in Immigration law. I have been a trustee for a number of years and have enjoyed it immensely. Having been brought up by working class parents and being a Black lesbian in the law I am a fierce advocate on equality which helps me to bring a number of perspectives to ILPA as an organisation. I am very proud to be the trustee liaison for the Black Lives Matter working group and the Wellbeing working group which just happen to be very key topics at this time. These groups have created helpful content for members and I have been lucky enough to have members contact me directly to give feedback that these groups have helped them through difficult times this year. It is the member feedback that spurs me on and inspires me. This year in particular threw us so many curve balls that I hope members feel we have dealt with well by working closely with the hard working team at ILPA. I am passionate about what ILPA stands for and what it is trying to achieve.