Gabriella Bettiga

Director of MGBe Legal

ILPA Trustee and liaison for the ILPA Well-being Working Group and an ILPA Well-being Ambassador

I have been an ILPA member since 2003 and I have always admired ILPA’s work, and its ability to make a difference. I am an ILPA trainer, with a focus on legal aid and practical courses, particularly for colleagues who are new to immigration and brave enough to choose this career path. I am also actively involved in the Well-Being working group as an Ambassador, and I participate to the EU working group. I would welcome the opportunity to help shape immigration law and I would share my 10 years long experience as a trustee for Asylum Aid (Consonant) as well as my experience as a practitioner in various areas of immigration and asylum law. Having worked in a large legal aid organisation, in the charity sector and as a sole practitioner, I feel I can represent the views of many ILPA members from different working backgrounds. As a mentor and a trainer, I am committed to support colleagues and clients alike. Being a trustee would allow me to do so on a larger scale, make our voices heard and contribute to bring about progressive change in immigration.