Helen Johnson OBE

Head of Children’s Services at the Refugee Council

ILPA Trustee and liaison for the ILPA Refugee and Children Working Groups

I became an ILPA trustee last year for the first time and have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to contribute, and would welcome the chance to build on what I have learnt to make a bigger contribution in the coming year. ILPA holds such an important place in the sector that there is never going to be a quiet year, but the coming 12 months promise to be particularly challenging. This is both in terms of how ILPA itself copes with and supports members through the ongoing pandemic, and how it responds to the significant external challenges which include Brexit, and the current government’s attitude toward international protection. ILPA supports a very broad cohort of individuals and organisations in its mission to promote good quality advice to and representation of migrants. I am mindful of the vast array of issues of concern and I am committed to ensuring that all members are given voice. However, I believe that my particular interest and expertise in asylum issues will be helpful to the organisation in the coming year, given the way the current government has chosen to position itself. As Head of Children’s Services at the Refugee Council I believe I am in a good position to support ILPA and its members to meet the challenges coming our way.

I’m a trustee of ILPA because I place immense value on the work of the organisation and want to do what I can to support it. The coming years will place tremendous pressures on the sector and we need a thriving ILPA to support its members and to drive policy and practice in the right direction.

Helen Johnson OBE, ILPA trustee and Head of Children’s Services, Refugee Council