Black Minds Matter: Mental health and well-being resources for black lawyers

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ILPA BAME Working Group   Black Minds Matter: Mental Health and Well-Being resources for Black Lawyers Monday 22 March 2021, 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm

The ILPA Black Lives Matter series is FREE and you can book your place HERE

The ILPA BAME Working Group and the ILPA Well-being Working Group are collaborating to host a session on mental health in Immigration Law and its intersection with being a Black person or a Person of Colour in the sector. This session is first and foremost a space for our Black members to come together, it is designed to destigmatise the idea of talking about mental health within the sector and also provide useful tools and resources that can then be put into practice in daily life.  This session aims to provide practical tools and tips for looking after your well-being in this sector as a Black person or Person of Colour. It will explore the way race intersects with other factors to produce a unique experience – that can be both positive and negative.  The session celebrates and highlights being a Black practitioner and also allows space for grieving, healing and collective conscious thought about ways in which we can protect and prioritise our mental health in this sector and in challenging times.   

Our Chair:

Andrea Als
PwC and ILPA Trustee

Our Panel:

Anna RobinsonAnna Robinson Therapy Agnes Mwakatuma, Founder of Black Minds Matter UK The ILPA Black Lives Matter Roundtable series is open to all ILPA members, but Black and PoC practitioners are particularly welcomed. Please share widely. 
Document Date
Wednesday March 3, 2021