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Draft Minutes of ILPA Removals, Detention and Offences Working Group Meeting 14.02.2024

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Dependent family members in work routes (11 April 2022)

The guidance has been updated to reflect expansion of Intra-Company routes to Global Business Mobility routes.

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Apply for a visa under the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme (Homes for Ukraine) (23 March 2022)

Added Ukrainian and Russian translations of the guidance below.


ILPA Monthly Homepage – March 2022

Articles R (Detention Action) v Lord Chancellor [2022] EWHC 18 (Admin) HMRC misapplied legislation by refusing to accept claims from newly recognised refugees for retrospective child tax credits ILPA Updates […]


ILPA Monthly March 2022 – Membership

Job seekers Check our jobs page for current vacancies from: Regional Officer, The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner Immigration Caseworker/Advisor / Immigration Paralegals, Immigration Advice Service Head of Immigration, […]


Terms and conditions for booking and taking the Life in the UK Test (9 March 2022)

Terms and conditions for booking and taking the test have been updated below with further clarification of what ID needs to be brought to the test.


Skilled Worker visa: shortage occupations (15 February 2022)

New care workers and home carers table addition entry 6145 added below.


Migration transparency data (13 January 2022)

Q3 2021 data on Border Force published.

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Babies Born in Scotland and the IHS (23 November 2021)

With many thanks to Beverley Harper at IQA Immigration Specialists Ltd for sharing it, please see below the response to an email to Caroline Lamb, Director General Health & Social Care and Chief […]