Adrian Berry

Barrister at Garden Court Chambers

ILPA Chair of Trustees

Adrian Berry is a barrister at Garden Court Chambers. He has an extensive practice in British nationality law, both in historic Commonwealth-based claims and in contemporary issues concerning the automatic acquisition of citizenship, naturalisation and registration, as well as deprivation and loss of British nationality.

He advises on claims to be a British citizen, British Overseas citizen (BOC), British overseas territories citizen (BOTC), British National (Overseas) (BN(O)), British subject (BS), or British Protected Person (BPP).

Adrian has been the Chair of the ILPA Committee of Trustees since 2014. Adrian convenes the ILPA Legislation working group.

Adrian authors the Cosmopolis: Migration, Citizenship and Free Movement and Nationality and Citizenship Law blog.

Adrian delivers ILPA’s ‘Nationality Law if Fun’, ‘Statelessness’, and ‘Naturalisation as a British Citizen’ training. Adrian has been also been a panelist at ILPA’s annual Free Movement of EEA Nationals Seminar, Conference on Business Immigration in the UK and is Chair of ILPA’S inaugural Conference on Nationality Law.

Adrian's Upcoming Training

Adrian's Past Training

Tutors: Adrian Berry, Garden Court Chambers, Hazar El-Chamaa, Penningtons Manches Cooper, Sophie Barrett-Brown, Laura Devine Immigration and Gabriella Bettiga, MGBe Legal

A must-attend course on the all the latest developments in Home Office policy and practice during the Coronavirus crisis.

The aim of the course is to bring practitioners up-to-date with what you need to know now to advise and represent clients whose immigration status and ambitions are affected by Home Office policy and practice during the Coronavirus crisis.

15:00 – 15:05 Introductions

15:05 – 16:15 Part 1 Advice for Sponsors

·         Visa applicants and temporary migrants

·         In-country Switching

·         Advice for sponsors

·         Tier 1 Entrepreneur

·         Right to work and right to rent checks

Part 2a Advice for Individuals

·         EU settled status and free movement issues

·         NHS Workers

·         NHS Charging

·         Coronavirus Hotline

16:15 – 16:30 Q&A

16:30 – 16:45 Break

16:45 – 18:15 Part 2b Advice for Individuals

·         Detention and Bail

·         Appeals, Judicial Reviews, and Remote hearings

·         Legal Aid issues

·         Asylum procedures and fresh claims

·         Asylum support

·         Travel documents

ILPA returns with its Annual Seminar on the Free Movement of EEA Nationals. This years topics include the EU Settlement Scheme, EU case law after EU Exit, social security coordination, EU national workers after EU Exit and Citizen’s rights in the Brexit negotiations. A must for all practitioners working with EEA nationals and their family members during this period of uncertainty.

Chair: Elspeth Guild, Kingsley Napley Solicitors and Queen Mary University


Luke Piper, Solicitor at South West Law and the3million

Meghan Vozila, Senior Associate Solicitor at Ganguin Samartin

Nicholas Rollason, Partner and Head of Department (Immigration) at Kinglsey Napley Solicitors

Adrian Berry, Barrister at Garden Court Chambers and Chair of Trustees at ILPA

Desmond Rutledge, Barrister at Garden Court Chambers

Nicole Masri, Senior Legal Officer, Rights of Women

Professor Bernard Ryan, University of Leicester

Eva Doerr, Pupil Barrister at Lamb Building

Rowena Moffatt, Barrister at Doughty Street Chambers

Hazar El-Chamaa, Partner, Penningtons Cooper Manches

Jessica Evans, Solicitor, Coram Children’s Legal Centre

This session is aimed at practitioners who needs a grounding in statelessness issues, including applying for leave to remain as a stateless person, routes to acquisition of British citizenship for stateless persons, how to prove statelessness, and how together evidence to make successful applications.

Following this course practitioners and advisors will be better placed to:

  • Advise and assist foreign nationals to make applications for leave to remain as stateless persons
  • Advise and assist on all aspects of applying for registration as a British citizen
  • Advise and assist on how to prove statelessness and gather evidence
  • Advise and assist on legal remedies

By the end of the session practitioners will be familiar with the range of residence rights available and potentially available under EU citizenship law and EU law on the free movement of persons and will be able to argue difficult, borderline cases.


Basic overview of EU free movement and citizenship law

Sham marriages in EU law


Self-sufficiency (including comprehensive sickness insurance)

Permanent residence for EEA nationals and their family members

Ruiz Zambrano cases

Chen cases

Teixeira/Ibrahim cases

Getting creative: other kinds of cases

Tutors: Adrian Berry, Garden Court Chambers, Laurie Fransman QC, Garden Court Chambers and Alison Harvey, No.5 Barristers’ Chambers

Participants will gain some useful practical information about handling nationality applications and have their eyes opened to strategies and tactics that will assist them in their practice.  They will be able to join the dots between different areas of protection and human rights practice, gain perspective on the nationality and indeed immigration law applications they see, thus placing the rest of their practice in context and developing their understanding.

They will also have a great deal of fun and find that they make more entertaining companions as a result of having attended.  We cannot guarantee that the course will cause you to lose weight or become better looking, but it will make people think you have.

  • Character
  • Statelessness
  • Deprivation
  • Nexus between human rights and nationality, including in the European context
  • Discrimination and nationality

Tutors: Adrian Berry, Garden Court Chambers and Diana Baxter, Wesley Gryk Solicitors LLP

The session is aimed at practitioners who want to develop their understanding of British nationality law and who are interested in more than making applications for citizenship. It complements the ILPA courses on naturalisation and registration of children. It covers automatic acquisition of British citizenship by birth or descent, tracing family status and old Commonwealth cases on and after independence, other forms of British nationality (e.g. British Overseas citizens), and dual nationality issues in practice. It also looks at the swing to correct historical injustices based on sex discrimination, illegitimacy and birth in the British overseas territories.

It considers the nationality legislation of 1914 and 1948 before turning to the development of the British Nationality Act 1981 and its revisions down to the present day. Understand the implications of status tracing for your client and emerge a better-informed and wiser immigration, asylum and nationality lawyer.

Tutor: Adrian Berry, Garden Court Chambers

This course will enable practitioners to advise and assist foreign nationals on all aspects of securing naturalisation as a British citizen for adults, as well as registration for their families/children.

​​​​​​Topics to be covered:

  • Criteria for naturalisation as a British citizen
  • Applying for naturalisation as a British citizen
  • Naturalisation issues: residence, absences, good character, and future intentions, etc.
  • Evidence issues
  • Form Filling
  • Administrative and Legal remedies in the event of a refusal

Nationality Law is Fun

I liked the in-depth case studies and the tutors encyclopaedic knowledge of the field.

Naturalisation as British citizens for EU family members and associated registration applications for minor dependants

Great content perfectly managed and timed.

Naturalisation as a British Citizen

Fantastic trainer – vast knowledge!

Naturalisation as a British Citizen

I liked the training very much. Lots of useful materials and I liked how the training was delivered. Thank you

Nationality Law is Fun

I like Adrian’s knowledge and passion for the subject, his ability to reference useful case studies/examples to illustrate the application of the law and reference immigration rules etc. for practical solutions.

Nationality Law is Fun

Adrian had an immense amount of knowledge! Fascinating.

Naturalisation as British citizens for EU family members and associated registration applications for minor dependants


Naturalisation as a British Citizen

I found the case studies really interesting and useful way to draw out the different key points.

Nationality Law is Fun

This was an excellent seminar and I would recommend it to others.