Raggi Kotak

Barrister at One Pump Court Chambers

Raggi specialises is all areas of immigration, human rights and asylum law appearing before Courts and Tribunals at all levels in the UK.  She has a broad range of knowledge and experience of all areas of work.  She is very familiar with the domestic and international jurisprudence on the Refugee and Human Rights Conventions.

She is particularly specialised in sex and gender based violence claims including domestic violence, sexual orientation and gender identity.  This includes challenges to trafficking NRM decisions, refusals of residence permits, detention of vulnerable people in and out of DAC and breaches of the duty to investigate arising both under policy and under International obligations.

Raggi has substantial experience in representing those presenting with trauma and mental health issues.  She has a deep understanding of the impact of mental health on credibility in asylum appeals. She has trained lawyers in the UK and internationally on the impact of trauma in casework  – often with the Centre for the Study of Emotion and Law – who are leading the research in this area.
She is able to utilise this knowledge to support her clients through the system with high levels of success.

Raggi remains passionate and committed to representing clients at all levels of the appellate structure.  It is vital that clients receive good quality support despite the challenges that the current funding regimes bring.  Access to justice is always at the forefront of her work.

Raggi has a long history of excellent casework and is fearless in getting the best for all of her clients.  In 2012 she was shortlisted for Liberty’s Human Rights Lawyer of the Year.

Raggi has always been involved in grassroots political/legal work.  In 2006, she set up and coordinated the Anti Trafficking Legal Project (ATLeP).  She was involved in national and international research and policy work, as well training and skill sharing.  She is currently a Board Member and Treasurer of Imkaan, a second tier violence against women organisations working with BME communities.

Raggi trains lawyers and non lawyers on various aspects of immigration and human rights law, gender violence and mental health.

Raggi is currently studying on a part time basis for an MA in Conflict Facilitation and Psychotherapy with Processwork UK.