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WEB 3029 New Appendix Long Residence



May 16
1:30 pm - 4:30 pm
This course will explore the changes introduced by the new Appendix Long Residence to the Immigration Rules from 11 April 2024.

Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Course Type: Practical/Overview/Update


This course will explore the changes introduced by the new Appendix Long Residence to the Immigration Rules from 11 April 2024.

We will examine the scope of each of the requirements and identify, insofar as possible, the material differences between the current and previous provisions and their application. We will closely consider the transitional provisions, including the application of the different absence requirements.

ILPA, with the tutors’ assistance, provided comments on earlier iterations of changes to Appendix Long Residence and Appendix Continuous Residence to the Simplification of the Rules Taskforce, and can walk attendees through the Home Office’s stated policy intention behind several Rule changes.

We will specify potential areas of ambiguity in the construction of the new rules and consider how to best approach those in the absence of authoritative guidance by the courts and in light of guidance published by the Home Office for its caseworkers.

We will examine practical matters, case studies, and attempt to make sense out of what appears to be not simply a cosmetic restructuring, but a substantive overhaul of the long residence category.

This course is intended to bring practitioners up to speed following the introduction of Appendix Long Residence in the Statement of Changes (HC 590).

The course will not cover paragraph 39E or provisions in Appendix Continuous Residence that are irrelevant to long residence applications. That will be covered in a separate seminar, scheduled for 13 May 2024.

Audience: Immigration practitioners (paralegals, OISC, solicitors, barristers)

Tutors: Zoe Bantleman, Barrister and Legal Director at ILPA and Alex Papasotiriou of Richmond Chambers.

Zoe Bantleman is a barrister, the Legal Director of the Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association (ILPA), and an editor of the Journal of Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Law.

Her practice as a barrister covered a wide spectrum of advisory work, drafting and advocacy involving all aspects of UK immigration, nationality and asylum law. She has extensive experience in complex private and family life applications, including long residence applications. She regularly challenged decisions by preparing appeals for human rights and asylum claims and applications for administrative and judicial review.

She frequently writes about changes to the UK’s immigration law system and provides commentary on key cases, including on Hoque & Ors and Akinola. She is a contributing author to both Practical Law and LexisNexis. Zoe has previously taught ILPA webinars on 10 Years’ Continuous Lawful Residence, How to Prepare Fresh Asylum and Human Rights Claims, and Section 3C, Validation, Variation and Withdrawal of Applications.

Alex Papasotiriou is an immigration barrister at Richmond Chambers. Alex advises and represents clients in appeals and judicial review proceedings in relation to all matters of UK immigration and nationality law and appears regularly before the First-tier and Upper Tribunal.

Alex’s practice includes long residence cases, human rights challenges involving children, adult dependent relatives, and cases with medical or suitability issues. He is also frequently instructed in deprivation of citizenship and deportation appeals, as well as in public law challenges against refusal or cancellation of leave.

Alex further advises and assists in complex British nationality matters, such as historic Commonwealth cases requiring family status tracing, or cases involving adoption or surrogacy.

Alex authors articles and opinions on a variety of matters relating to UK immigration and nationality law. His case notes have been published in ILPA Monthly and the Journal of Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Law