ILPA Isle of Man working group meeting agenda 6 December 2021

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Next meeting: Monday 06 December 2021, 17:30 – 18:30

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1.         Welcome and Introductions

2.         Terms of reference:

a.         Purpose of the working group

b.         Initial convenor

c.         Upcoming Meetings

d.         Communication – ILPA mailing list and Google Group. Should there be a means for working group members to share IOM-specific legal/policy thoughts with each other?

e.         Membership – who can be a member of the working group? Do we promote the launch of the branch in local media and to applicable public sector bodies?

f.          Potential involvement of Cabinet Office/Attorney General’s staff as speakers or observers.

3.         Discussion: What are our legal/policy and training priorities for the Isle of Man over the next 12 months?

4.         Discussion: Communication with Cabinet Office etc – (1) how do we engage better with them for consultation/notification on legislation, policy, issues etc, (2) New routes – how do we participate/lobby in the drafting of the new short term working visa routes, (3) Appeals/Legal Aid – how do we engage with IOM courts administration as a body.

4.         Legal/policy updates: Brief discussion of recent and likely forthcoming changes.

5.         AOB:

Document Date
Monday December 6, 2021