ILPA webinars – training update


We’re pleased to announce that we have officially launched our brand new webinar programme. As we’re transitioning into home and lone working the delivery of live webinars to ensure practitioners stay informed of the latest developments in immigration, asylum and nationality law is ever more important. ILPA is dedicated to providing the highest quality training to our members and the wider legal community, and will continue to deliver this throughout this testing time.Our tutors are known for their experience, for keeping up to date with the continuing developments in immigration legislation and case law, and for their involvement in landmark cases. You can meet our tutors here. With the support of our tutors we hope to make our webinars interactive, engaging and a vital tool for practitioners to remain connected with their peers.We’re adding new training all the time so please keep an eye on our events calendar for updates. 

Remember: ILPA is a charity and all profits from ILPA training go towards supporting work to fulfil ILPA’s objectives.

Document Date
Monday April 27, 2020