Mindful Apps


Practising meditation is a way to have us looking at the real life in an external aspect, not by our emotions. It helps us enhance our mind to face difficulties and unhappiness, cure pains, and brings us mind-fullness to a better life through daily meditating. The content on MindÜ are created and keep increasing in following aspects: Breathing, Meditation Training Course, Guided Meditation, Sleeping Meditation, Mindfulness, Self-healing and Dream-telling.

The Mindfullness App

Besides offering an extensive number of meditations with world-renowned teachers, the app also includes a reminder function which can be activated on specific times and places. With the support of the app the practice is easily done in the midst of a busy life.


With thousands of empowering & resonating audio tracks, Aura has just what you need every day, and constantly learns what works for you.


Easily explore the largest selection of studios, workout classes and fitness deals all in one place.Book what you love or discover a new favourite.

My CognitionPro

An NHS-accredited cognitive fitness programme that when used 15 minutes per day optimises your cognitive health so that you can get better at focusing, memorising, strategising and making accurate decisions faster.

My Possible Self

My Possible Self: The Mental Health App has been clinically proven to improve the mental health and wellbeing of people living with stress, anxiety and low mood.

Be Mindful 

Be Mindful is an online course for reducing stress, depression and anxiety by learning to practise mindfulness in your daily life.

Apps for Well-being (collated by MIND)

This list has been compiled by Mind in Brighton and Hove as a guide to Apps available to support your wellbeing.

3 Wins

3 Wins app is a simple, yet effective achievements tracker, that helps bring out your positive thoughts and form a good habit of appreciating your accomplishments during the day. Celebrate your daily achievements with 3 Wins. During the day whenever you achieve your goal or something positive enter it right away into the 3 Wins app. You can also pause at the end of your busy day to summarise and record your wins/achievements. By doing this, your brain will shift more towards positive thinking. Track your achievements or personal goals, every day. Stretch your brain and take the good thoughts out before going to sleep and forgetting about them.