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Cruse Bereavement Care – 0808 808 1677

Cruse Bereavement Care (Scotland) – 0845 600 2227

Hope Again – Young People living after Loss – 0808 808 1677

The Compassionate Friends – 0345 123 2304

The Compassionate Friends (Northern Ireland) – 0288 77 88 016

Adult and Child Bereavement Helplines


Languages of Loss: A psychotherapist’s journey through grief by Sasha Bates

Sasha Bates is a psychotherapist, journalist and former documentary filmmaker. Eighteen years in the TV industry saw her write, direct and produce series as varied as Omnibus, Grand Designs, Live and Kicking, and How to Look Good Naked, alongside an ongoing side-line in travel journalism. When her husband, Bill, died unexpectedly at just 56, Sasha turned back to writing to help her navigate the new and unwelcome world into which she had been thrust. She now teaches workshops about grief to therapists, and to other grievers.

Finding Meaning: the six stages of grief by David Kessler

In his new book Finding Meaning: The Sixth Stage of Grief, Kessler shares his hard-earned wisdom and offers a road map to remembering those who have died with more love than pain, how to move forward in a way that honours our loved ones and ultimately transform grief into a more peaceful and hopeful experience.


‘We need to name what we’re going through’: The role of grief in coping with Covid-19 by Alice Vincent – Penguin Articles


Griefcast tackles subjects we’d usually tiptoe around and faces them head-on. Using a little bit of humour, guests discuss their experiences of losing someone and the feelings that came with it. It covers perspectives on all sorts of different situations, including losing a parent as a teenager or child, sibling loss, parent loss and the death of a child. There’s even an episode on losing a dog.

Terrible, thanks for asking. In 2014, Nora McInerny lost her husband, her father, and miscarried in the space of a few weeks. After sharing her story with others, Nora was flooded with messages about other people’s experiences, and the idea for a podcast was born. Each episode, Nora asks people to share their grief stories.

Help 2 Make Sense is an online tool developed by child bereavement charity Winston’s Wish to help young people experiencing grief. The tool features blog posts, advice, and a podcast series sharing the stories of young people who’ve coped with the death of a loved one. 

Trauma Healing Podcasts. Compilation of podcasts touching upon the subjects of bereavement, loss, trauma and healing.

8 Top Podcasts on Trauma Resonance Resilience

The Super Power of Trauma by Jeff Krasno and Hala Khouri. When we don’t fully process our traumas we get trapped in the past, and events in our present can trigger emotions and sensations that impede our ability to function — let alone thrive. But with a thoughtful, delicate balance of embodied practices and personal reflection we can begin to heal our traumas, leading us to live a more joyful life, and maybe even help others to do the same. Hala Khouri, co-founder of Off the Mat, Into The World joins us for an actionable conversation on a difficult subject.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga for Grief – 25 minute practice

Heal – 25 minute practice

Yoga to Heal Stress – 20 minute practice

Yoga for Post-traumatic Stress – 45 minute practice

Yoga for Suffering – 20 minute practice

Yoga for Healing the Mind – Playlist – 33 practices

Yoga for Anxiety and Stress – 25 minute practice

Guided Meditations – Playlist – 8 practices