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With over half of the legal profession being female, and a growing number of mid-life women remaining in their careers, it’s imperative we lift the stigma on the menopause, and all issues faced by women. The resource covers suggestions to organisations on adjusting working environments, what actions and behaviours are discriminatory and how to curate a supportive and inclusive culture. It also offers advice to all women, both currently experiencing the menopause and those that wish to be prepared and involved in paving the way for their generation.

Support Groups

Talking Menopause

Talking Menopause aims to be the solution to positively impact a culture change in organisations around menopause. We are a team of experienced consultants, including business coaches and menopause professionals and are all committed to raising awareness of menopause in the workplace.

Menopause help: the best forums and support groups for menopausal women


The M Word: Everything You Need to Know About the Menopause by Dr Phillipa Kaye

The menopause does not have to mean the end of your libido, of sex, of work, or of feeling like who you used to be. The M Word is a complete one-stop guide to the peri-menopause and menopause, covering everything from understanding symptoms to managing relationships to which treatments really work. Discussing HRT as well as self-help and lifestyle tips, this book will be your companion through the years before, during and after the menopause.

Older and Wider: Menopausal musings from the midlife by Jenny Eclair

‘The menopause is a weird one, as a woman you know that the likelihood of it happening to you is pretty inevitable, but no-one really tells you what to expect.’ So says Jenny Eclair, who, with her trademark humour, will share her experience of what can be a difficult time for many women, from the emotional side of life – missing the woman you were, the empty nest, mood swings – to the health aspects of the menopause, starring the hot flush and also periods (lack of), weight problems, insomnia and other issues. Upbeat and honest, Jenny shares her new-found hobbies, the joy of pets and how to make the best of the different but still-fabulous you.

The Gynae Geek: Your No-Nonsense Guide to ‘Down-There’ Healthcare’ by Dr Anita Mitra

It’s a back to basics guide for women (and men!!) that aims to educate, inform, and dispell a whole heap of myths that you heard in the playground/women’s magazines/social media feeds. It covers anatomy, hormones, discharge, periods, contraception, abortion, fertility, getting pregnant, egg-freezing and also how lifestyle can positively and negatively affect your gynaecological health. I’ve included stories from the thousands of women that I’ve treated in the hospital, along with answers to questions that I’ve been asked both at work and via my instagram account @gynaegeek. In fact, it’s these questions that shaped the entire contents of the book. So this is me; a doctor, researcher and woman, writing to you; the reader, about all the things that you want to know, and the things I think you deserve to know, so that you can be informed and empowered.


My Menopause Doctor

In this fast-growing series of podcasts, Dr Louise Newson, her colleagues and expert guests, discuss a wide range of menopause-related topics to give listeners unbiased, evidence-based and holistic information and advice to help them, and their loved ones, manage the symptoms and challenges of the menopause and perimenopause.

The Hot & Moody Podcast

These podcasts will share experiences of menopause and peri-menopause and hopefully address issues faced by women in today’s society; all with an ad hoc sprinkle of humour. We’re hoping that our listeners will help to shape future episodes with suggested content. Looking forward to you joining us on our menopausal journey.

The Happy Menopause: Breaking the Menopause Taboo with Jo McEwan

In the UK, 13 million women are going through a menopause which can last anything up to 15 years. In the US, 6,000 women hit the menopause every single day! So it’s not exactly a niche subject, yet, it’s not something we easily talk about either. This means that many midlife women can feel isolated and worried by a range of symptoms they hadn’t expected which can disrupt their life.

Eating for The Menopause with Dr Hannah Short and Dr Rupy Augjla

My guest today is Dr Hannah Short, a GP and women’s health specialist who has personal experience of surgical POI (primary ovarian insufficiency), having undergone a total hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy (removal of the womb, fallopian tubes and both ovaries) at the age of just 35. She now sees patients from across the  POI spectrum and uses  a combination approach of  both HRT medication and nutrition  and lifestyle changes. An ambassador for the Daisy Network, Hannah has big  aspirations to  improve Menopausal awareness and  care across the country. Hannah has a keen interest in the role of plant-based nutrition in female hormonal health, in particular the association between the gut microbiome and oestrogen metabolism. In 2018, Hannah completed the eCornell Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition and has undertaken further training in lifestyle medicine with the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP).


Diet & Menopause by the Food Medic, Dr Hazel Wallace

Is the menopause still taboo in law firms? By Kathy Abernethy – The Law Society Gazette