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Welcome to ILPA’s new website.  Here you will find all the content from the old website, and much more.

Here are some tips for those familiar with the old website and wondering where to find things as well as for new visitors.


Looking for immigration advice, or the details of a listed ILPA member?  Simply click the yellow ‘Find Immigration Advice’ button.

A single Briefings page replaces the old ‘briefings’ and ‘submissions’ pages.

Under the About Us menu you will find information on membership and joining ILPA.  Or simply click on the ‘Join Us’ button.  The About Us menu also contains a lot of information from the old ‘Members’ part of the website: the annual report, information about the Executive Committee, information about advertising in the ILPA mailing. 

But the About Us menu contains new resources as well: information about the history of ILPA and ILPA’s guidelines for members.

ILPA members can log in to the website to access a host of new resources, including all the documents distributed in ILPA’s mailing since 1999.  Members now have this vast archive at their fingertips wherever they have internet access.  And we are constantly adding new documents.



Navigate around the site from the navigation bar at the top; or go to the bottom for a series of quick links. Buttons will take you to some of the most popular areas of the site, such as ‘Find Immigration Advice’ ‘Join Us’ and ‘Book Training.’ Click on the ILPA logo at any time to take you back to the Home Page.

At the very top of the every page is a link to the search page. You can search across the whole site, or simply search the ‘resources’, the documents and news items uploaded to the resources database that sits behind the site. A click on advanced search will give you a wider range of search options. If you are not logged in as an ILPA member then you will not be able to view the documents restricted to members’ only; you will see that they exist, but you will not be able to access them.

If you are searching the resources then be aware that as on google, if you want to search for an exact phrase you should put it in double quotation marks.  So if you search for long residence you will get everything with long and everything with residence, if you search for “long residence” you will get only things with the exact phrase.

The contact us link will take you to a page with maps and directions for ILPA, as well as full contact details.

At the very bottom of every page are quick links to different pages.

The top navigation bar will take you to

About Us

This is where you will find information on the Executive Committee and subcommittee convenors, the Annual report, mailing dates with details of how to advertise in the ILPA mailing, the membership pages (Join Us) and details of the Refugee Children’s Project.

There is new information here too – ILPA’s guidelines for members are now available on the public area of the site, as is information about ILPA and a timeline


This replicates ILPA’s publications page, save that a page has been added under it for the Journal of Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Law. Ministerial statements have been separated out. A sample of the ILPA mailing’s monthly information for members and enclosures listing is available, so that non-members can see what they are missing.

Briefings This page amalgamates the ‘Briefings’ and ‘Submissions’ pages from the old site. Bills are each given their own sub-page. You will also find a page describing ILPA’s influencing work.

Info Service All that was here before is here, but we trust better indexed and presented.

Find Immigration Advice On these pages you will find ILPA’s Directory of its members, as well as general information for those choosing an immigration advisor.

Training On these pages you will find details of ILPA’s training courses, as well as information about ILPA training and our terms and conditions.

Jobs Current advertisements, plus information on how to advertise. There is now a page under the jobs page with information for those seeking a career in immigration law.

There are also buttons to take people most quickly to the most popular pages. A big yellow button called ‘Find Immigration Advice’ takes you to ILPA’s Directory of Members.  There are also buttons for training, membership (Join us!) and the Refugee Children’s Project.

Non-members can sign up to be added to the lists to receive information sheets, information about training and information about the Refugee Children’s Project and Information about training.

The website is new to us too, and it will get better with time.  We welcome your comments and suggestions.

ILPA is grateful to Unbound Philanthropy for the funding that made this website possible.


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