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WEB 1015 EU Settlement Scheme Update (WEBINAR)

The course will cover key legal provisions for EEA/Swiss nationals in the UK by the specified date (the end of EEA free movement in the UK), their family members and employers, including problematic areas of the EU Settlement Scheme and common pitfalls. Topics: Interplay of relevant legal instruments Eligibility and valid application requirements Suitability and […]

WEB 1009 Appeal Rights and Administrative Review (WEBINAR)

The appeal regime is a complicated. The right to appeal and grounds of appeal were severely restricted through the Immigration Act 2014. Practitioners need to be familiar with the current system and the complexities of issues such as new matters.   In this webinar, we will cover the following: A close look at rights of appeal and grounds of appeal under the Nationality Immigration and Asylum Act 2002 […]

WEB 1019 Windrush Scheme: A Guide to Applications (WEBINAR)

This Webinar aims to teach practitioners how to make successful immigration and nationality applications under the Windrush Scheme. The aim of the course is to teach practitioners how to identify potential Windrush Scheme applicants, what factors to consider in deciding which application to make, how to make the applications and what evidence is needed. The topics […]

WEB 1036 Applications and appeals under paragraph 276ADE(1) (iv) of the Immigration Rules (‘7 Year Applications’) (WEBINAR)

(iv) of the Immigration Rules (‘7 Year Applications’) (WEBINAR)

WEB 1026 Indefinite Leave to Remain: all you need to know

Everything you need to know about applying for indefinite leave to remain including family applications, work routes, long residence and the EU settlement scheme.  The course will also cover the Life in the UK test / English language requirement, criminality, the calculation of the period leading to settlement, the definition of continuous residence, the use […]

WEB 1037 Children’s Citizenship Rights (WEBINAR)

This webinar aims to give practitioners an understanding of nationality law as it relates to children, and share practice points on how to make successful nationality applications.  Attendees will be introduced to children's citizenship categories, learn how to identify potential registration applications, how to make applications, the relevant case law, and practical advice on the […]

WEB 1017 Naturalisation as a British citizen (WEBINAR)

This course will enable practitioners to advise and assist foreign nationals on all aspects of securing naturalisation as a British citizen for adults, as well as registration for their families/children. ​​​​​​Topics to be covered: Criteria for naturalisation as a British citizen Applying for naturalisation as a British citizen Naturalisation issues: residence, absences, good character, and […]

WEB 1027 Domestic Workers (WEBINAR)

An examination of the requirements of the visas for domestic workers in private and in diplomatic households, with a particular focus on how to navigate the ethical problems thrown up by the power relationship between employer and worker. A look at what can be done for migrant domestic workers when things go wrong: what options […]

(POSTPONED) DT 1881 Appendix FM: Best Practice (Bristol) – UKVI Training – Date TBC

– UKVI Training – Date TBC