The Illegal Migration Act 2023: An Overview

Thank you to all of those who attended the above training on 1 November 2023. ILPA is acutely aware of the need to bring legal practitioners and other individuals in frontline roles assisting and working with migrants, up to speed on the Illegal Migration Act 2023. This is why, in partnership with the Greater London Authority, ILPA is making the materials for the training available to all below.

Levels: Intermediate – some familiarity with the immigration and asylum system, and a keen interest to understand how the Illegal Migration Act 2023 will impact it.

Audience: Advisors, caseworkers, solicitors and barristers intending to advise and represent individuals affected by the Illegal Migration Act 2023Frontline organisations, local authorities, and social workers wishing to understand how the Act may affect individuals they assist and with whom they interact

Aim of the course: To provide attendees with a brief overview of the Illegal Migration Act 2023;To provide very initial guidance to understand when an individual may need legal advice;To help individuals understand how their work, and the migrants they assist, may be impacted by the Act so that they may offer the best possible support to people impacted by the Bill.

Course slides

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