Ukraine: persons seeking asylum on hunger strike, 26 January 2012


Ukraine: persons seeking asylum on hunger strike, 26 January 2012

ILPA has received a number of reports from comrades in Ukraine about the situation of Somali refugees on hunger strike in detention there.  Links are attached.

On 30 January 2012, Helena Wilson of No Borders wrote:

…What is happening to the Somalis (who have a recognition rate of 0%) over many years highlights the problems most acutely, and we think this is going to only get worse with the EU Readmission Agreement now in place. The EU Readmission Agreement with Ukraine is a vague document – without Dublin safeguards – the only reference to rights at all is in the Preamble 

… I am in touch with most of the NGOs who represent these particular Somalis (and many others not on strike)   and will be helping them with ECHR litigation – it is a very legally complicated space … Human Rights Watch published a very comprehensive report on the problems here in December 2010 – which helps to put the situation into context [see below]…Additionally – we are also working against hate crime here – which is a very serious issue in Ukraine, for minorities including refugees – my colleagues did a shadow report with MRG to UNCERD last year, the conclusions have been published now – the links to both documents and many relevant reports on the situation for migrants in Ukraine are available on our website :[see below]…

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