UKVI Stakeholder Update on Biometric Reuse and IDV App (25 August 2020)

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Please see below from UKVI V & C Stakeholder Engagement. Please note the factsheet was previously circulated to members last week.

From: V & C Stakeholder Engagement
Sent: 24 August 2020 16:56
Subject: Biometric Reuse and IDV App Stakeholder Telecon Update

Good afternoon,   Thank you for joining our UKVI Stakeholder Update on Biometric Reuse and IDV App that was held on Thursday 20 August via telecon.   

Feedback on Telecon
We would really appreciate you taking a minute of your time to complete our short survey. This will help us to shape our future engagement with you. Please click here to take part  

Some of you have made enquiries regarding previous correspondence sent to applicants. We would like to reiterate that all customers who made an in-country application up to the end of July 2020 have received: either an invitation to book an appointment at a UKVCAS service point; or a letter confirming that they are eligible for biometric reuse, and will therefore be sent an invitation to use the new IDV app.  

Customer Correspondence
A small number of enquiries have been received from applicants or third parties stating that they are awaiting correspondence, but have not received any thusfar. UKVI and UKVCAS have reviewed our contact history for those applicants, and confirmed that emails for those cases have, in fact, been sent – however, they were not picked up by third parties/immigration advisers.

We would therefore encourage you to carefully check emails received before submitting a query on an applicant’s behalf.

If, after checking your records, you wish to flag any instances where you believe a customer has not received correspondence, as outlined above, please forward the case details to: In the body of your email, please include: name of applicant and UAN (Unique Application Number).

Please note this is a temporary email account for enquiries regarding customer correspondence history, for those who have submitted an application before 31st July.

We would like to remind you that customers who have received an email advising that they are eligible for biometric reuse will receive an IDV app invitation in due course.  

Resources and communications As promised, we are resharing documents and links on Biometric Reuse and the IDV App so you can refer to communications and resources available to customers:

– UKVI and UKVCAS have produced guidance for customers using the IDV App, including online Questions & Answers and a ‘How to’ animated video  
– Also attached is UKVI’s Factsheet outlining Biometric Reuse and the IDV App  

Kind regards,
Stakeholder Engagement Team
Visas & Citizenship
UK Visas & Immigration