ILPA Webinars

We’re excited to announce our brand new e-learning programme that will be launched in mid-April. You can find ILPA’s full training programme here. As we’re transitioning into home and lone working the delivery of live webinars to ensure practitioners stay informed of the latest developments in immigration, asylum and nationality law is ever more important.

ILPA are dedicated to providing the highest quality training to our members and the wider legal community, and will continue to deliver this throughout this testing time.

Our tutors are known for their experience, for keeping up to date with the continuing developments in immigration legislation and case law, and for their involvement in landmark cases. With the support of our tutors we hope to make our webinars interactive, engaging and a vital tool for practitioners to remain connected with their peers.

ILPA is a charity and all profits from ILPA training go towards supporting work to fulfil ILPA’s objectives.

Our trainers’ commitment to delivering these unique, collaborative courses is a source of inspiration to all members and attendees.  Information from ILPA’s influencing work and members’ casework feeds into the training programme and information from those trained informs that work in its turn.

ILPA Webinar Handbook

The ILPA Webinar Handbook is a step-by-step guide to participating in ILPA webinars and is designed to support you through any technical issues you may experience.

The guide will first take you through how to book and register for an ILPA webinar and then take you on a journey to ensure your webinar experience is as engaging and participatory as possible.

If you have any questions about ILPA webinars that have not been answered in this handbook please email

You can find ILPA’s full training programme here. If you don’t find what you’re looking for you can suggest a training here.

ILPA Tutor Webinar Handbook

The ILPA Tutor Webinar Handbook is a step-by-step guide to delivering an ILPA webinar. The guide will first take you through some basic information about the design and delivery of webinars before supporting you to get started as a webinar tutor.

In addition to this guide all tutors will be provided with the opportunity to have a personalised webinar tutorial with the ILPA Training Officer and a trial run of the webinar to ensure they are familiar and comfortable with all the webinar functionalities.

If you are interested in delivering and ILPA webinar then we’d love to hear from you. Please email to find out more details.

Introduction to Tier 2: everything you need to know

The speakers were all excellent – very thorough, clear and approachable, and answered questions very well.

Nationality Law is Fun

I liked the in-depth case studies and the tutors encyclopaedic knowledge of the field.

Article 8 Applications

An absolutely essential course for anyone dealing with Article 8 issues. Highly recommended!

ILPA Well-being Conference

A really good event championing an excellent cause. With so many elements of immigration practice getting harder, it feels like the profession has a future if we are all more alert to our own well-being needs.

Immigration Law in Sport

I very much enjoyed this training. Glyn was an informative and personable speaker who gave real personal and practical insight, as well as clearly setting out the legislative framework.

Home Office Policy and Practice in the Coronavirus Crisis: what you need to know

The knowledge of everyone is fantastic especially given that the changes happened not so long ago, updates are still ongoing and the published guidance doesn’t address all issues. The webinar was conducted very well too. Well done ILPA and the tutors for doing such a good job!

Home Office Policy and Practice in the Coronavirus Crisis: what you need to know

I liked the the slides and recording being made available afterwards, something that does not happen in physical events.

Home Office Policy and Practice in the Coronavirus Crisis: what you need to know

It was the first time I have used ZOOM and appreciate all the effort tutors and everyone made to make it a special  free event

Introduction to Immigration Law: getting started

I liked the structure, I think the tutors managed to cover a very broad and incredibly complex subject matter clearly and concisely. It was engaging and interesting. Both tutors clearly had excellent knowledge, it was a joy to attend!

Introduction to Immigration Law: getting started

The course pack looks excellent and the links in the slides are relevant and up-to-date. The slides were very useful because they enabled me to prepare myself for my note-taking and I could structure my notes better. ***It is a great idea to have the slides a few days beforehand as I would have been lost without them.*

Nationality Law in the Age of Brexit

Alison Harvey is brilliant, she is able to elaborate pertinently when asked about anything.

I liked the thoroughness of the slides and the tutor’s passion on the subject.