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Law Society, International Women’s Day Webinar: Taking big strides: Eradicating micro aggressions to achieve gender equality in the legal profession, 9th March 2022

International Women’s Day is an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the achievements of women and to contribute to a growing global community committed to take action on gender equality.

In March 2022, the Law Society will be focusing its international discussion on the topic of eradicating micro aggressions as a way of achieving gender equality in the legal profession.

Micro aggressions are defined as subtle slights, which can be offensive or hurtful. There are varying categories of workplace micro aggressions and the most common are micro-assaults, microinsults and microinvalidations. Each type can have a lasting impact on the person’s ability to experience belonging, social acceptance, self-esteem, and overall well-being. One of the defining characteristics of micro aggressions is how difficult, frustrating, or risky they can be to confront. In recent times, there has been greater exposure to many forms of micro aggressions and a new awareness about their detrimental impact.

To create a more equal and balanced profession, we all need to take responsibility, be more understanding, and learn to be self-reflective whenever we are biased. For that reason, the purpose of this session will be to discuss:

  • What are micro aggressions? What are some examples of these micro aggressions? What might be the specific impact of each?
  • To what extent are you aware of how often you and/or others around you use micro aggressions when speaking with or about others of another gender, race, etc.?
  • What are the risks associated with confronting micro aggressions?
  • How can we, as lawyers, contribute to becoming more self-aware of micro-aggressions to eliminate them from our language?

Race to the Bench, 26 May

It has been just over a year since JUSTICE published Increasing Judicial Diversity: An Update, which shone a particular light on the continued appointment of an overwhelmingly white senior judiciary. This members’ event will discuss why racial diversity in the senior judiciary matters, the obstacles to the appointment of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic judges, and will explore what can be done to increase the appointment of candidates from racial minorities.

Our panel includes Dame Ingrid Simler (Head of Equality and Inclusion for the judiciary), Nkumbe Ekaney QC (1GC, a Deputy High Court Judge), Maya Sikand QC (Doughty Street), HHJ Anuja Dhir QC (Judicial Appointments Commission Commissioner), and Stephanie Boyce, (President of the Law Society of England and Wales), and will be chaired by Andrea Coomber, Director of JUSTICE.

This virtual event is for JUSTICE Members; become a member today and book your free ticket. https://justice.org.uk/events/race-to-the-bench/

Inspiring Women 2021, 14 June – 16 June

Tickets are on sale for JUSTICE’s virtual Inspiring Women Fundraising Conference, taking place from 5pm to 7pm on 14-16 June 2021. Every penny from ticket sales directly supports JUSTICE’s work.

Nine successful women working in different areas of practice will share stories of their careers in the law, before taking questions and giving advice. Topics discussed will include difficult career moves, overcoming imposter syndrome, balancing work and children (triplets no less!), negotiating a promotion, and much more. This event is for anyone who wants to be a better ally for women in the workplace, as well as for any woman who does or aspires to practice law.

Don’t miss this chance to hear from leading figures in the law, including Lady Justice Rose, Justice of the Supreme Court, and Dame Vera Baird QC DBE, the Victims’ Commissioner. You can find out more about the speakers and book your tickets here. Tickets are £30 for JUSTICE Members/£50 for non-members, and all proceeds support the work of JUSTICE.

BAME event: Challenges faced at work

Kingsley Napley

Five leading lawyers all from BAME backgrounds shared with us their journey into law and the challenges and opportunities that they have faced. The event took place as a live webinar and we invited all those who are either BAME or allies of BAME to also share their experiences about how to overcome struggles at work.