ILPA submission to the Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration on the EU settlement scheme (31 July 2020)

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Since the EU settlement scheme (EUSS) was launched, our members have been advising EEA+ nationals and their family members and assisting them to make applications under the scheme. Based on the feedback of our members, we have made a number of recommendations as to improvements the Home Office could make and as to matters that we think would benefit from investigation by the Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration (ICIBI). These recommendations are at the end of this submission.

We provide evidence on the following areas:

  • Positives of the EU settlement scheme.
  • Delays in processing applications.
  • Individuals who have not yet applied.
  • The role of the Settlement Resolution Centre.
  • Obtaining paper application forms.
  • Refusals.
  • Invalid applications.
  • Biometric enrolment for non-EEA+ nationals.
  • Submitting applications from abroad.

We wish to thank all those members who provided feedback to this submission, and especially Christopher Benn and Christopher Desira of Seraphus and Carla Mirallas of Here for Good.