ILPA urges UK Government to provide sanctuary to people fleeing Ukraine

ILPA documents

We are deeply concerned by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the possibility that millions of people may be displaced.

We have joined the Refugee Council and more than 50 other civil society organisations in signing a letter, published today in the Times, to urge our government to commit to an emergency programme to provide sanctuary to those fleeing violence in the region. 

The current rapidly deteriorating crisis underlines the fact that many people caught in conflict cannot simply wait months or even years for visas or other official paperwork.  

That’s why we are also urging the government to rethink its flawed Nationality and Borders Bill, which contravenes our international obligations under the Refugee Convention to recognise genuine refugees as such. 

If the Bill passes in its current form, people who arrive in the UK irregularly, having undertaken dangerous journeys over land to the UK will be treated as criminals. 

We urge the government to reconsider this harmful Bill. The UK must uphold its commitment to protect refugees fleeing war and oppression, rather than discriminating against refugees depending on how they have reached our shores.

Read the full joint letter on the Refugee Council website