Meet the ILPA Legislation Working Group Convenor

Adrian Berry

Chair of ILPA Committee of Trustees and Barrister at Garden Court Chambers

Adrian Berry is a barrister at Garden Court Chambers. He has an extensive practice in British nationality law, both in historic Commonwealth-based claims and in contemporary issues concerning the automatic acquisition of citizenship, naturalisation and registration, as well as deprivation and loss of British nationality.

He advises on claims to be a British citizen, British Overseas citizen (BOC), British overseas territories citizen (BOTC), British National (Overseas) (BN(O)), British subject (BS), or British Protected Person (BPP).

Adrian has been the Chair of the ILPA Committee of Trustees since 2014. Adrian convenes the ILPA Legislation working group.

Adrian delivers ILPA’s ‘Nationality Law if Fun’, ‘Statelessness’, and ‘Naturalisation as a British Citizen’ training. Adrian has been also been a panelist at ILPA’s annual Free Movement of EEA Nationals Seminar, Conference on Business Immigration in the UK and is Chair of ILPA’S inaugural Conference on Nationality Law.