RefAid app flyer

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Text from the fyler:

” Trusted services for migrants and refugees in the palm of their hand Services, Communication, Mapping The impact of using RefAid The problem for refugee aid organizations: Finding and communicating accurate information about migrants and refugees has been exceptionally difficult and the current challenges are taxing existing systems. NGOs use websites, social networks, word documents, PDFs, and rudimentary calendars to display their information – there is no standardization. There is no central database. The lack of live data can lead to great inefficiencies in both delivery of aid and communication between NGOs and between aid organization field services and refugees. Until now there were no standardized communication tools, and no single platform where all services are mapped. The problem for migrants and refugees: Arriving in a new country, after having lost almost everything, is more than most people can handle. Remaining autonomous and independent becomes more important than ever. So migrants and refugees need to be able to find the services they need, where they are and when they want it – on their smartphone, which may be one of the only possessions they have left. Our solution: RefAid is the first ever platform to enable refugee aid organizations to discover, monitor and share live information by location, as well as the 1st ever mobile app that gives refugees up-to-the minute information about where official aid is available near them. “

Document Date
Thursday February 13, 2020