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Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association Working Group on Courts and Tribunals

Electronic Filing in the Royal Courts of Justice and Upper Tribunal Chambers (2 December 2021)

ILPA’s Response to MoJ Call for Evidence: Immigration legal aid fees and the online system (2 December 2021)

ILPA AGM & Conference 2021

Recording: ILPA AGM and Conference 2021 Documents – ilpa ILPA-Annual-Report-2021_Final-for-AGM.pdf

ILPA AGM and Conference 2021 Documents

The ethical decision-making model (11 November 2021)

First published tool to help Home Office staff when making decisions involving difficult ethical issues.

Seminar Recording – ILPA Handbook for Legal Practitioners: Using the UN Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration as an Interpretative Tool

Zoom Recording: This event is planned for all immigration and asylum practitioners to learn about the new ILPA Handbook for Practitioners on the Global Compact for Migration. It will introduce how the UN Global Compact can assist them and their clients by ensuring that the Home Office lives up to the ministerial statement that […]

ILPA Courts & Tribunals Working Group Meeting Minutes (8 March 2021)

Response from FtTIAC President to ILPA’s Follow-up Letter (3 September 2021)

Please see below Judge Clements’ letter of 3 September 2021 regarding the new procedure which concerns human rights appeals in the First-tier Tribunal. ILPA’s original letter can be read here, Judge Clements’ response of 10 August can be read here, and ILPA’s follow-up letter of 25 August can be read here.

Letter from Judge Clements, President – FtT(IAC) (3 September 2021)

We have received a response to the letter sent on 25 August 2021. Note where a “Merits review” has been carried out by the Tribunal, the FtT has now agreed that the document should be disclosed to the Appellant as well as the Respondent.