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Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association Working Group on Legal Aid

Amendments to 2018 Standard Civil Contract Immigration and Asylum Specification – July 2022

ILPA received the following email from the Legal Aid Agency on 29 June 2022: ‘We recently completed a contract consultation to amend the Immigration specification. The revised contract can be found at Standard civil contract 2018 – GOV.UK ( The revised CWA guidance can be found at CWA codes guidance – GOV.UK ( The contract changes are […]

ILPA Response to Ministry of Justice Legal Aid Means Test Review Consultation (7 June 2022)

Legal Aid 101 Webinar Recording


Celebrating Women in Law

Webinar Recording:

Entitlement to NHS Health Care and Charging: Representing Migrant Clients in the Hostile Environment – Recording and Slides


ILPA’s Response to MoJ Call for Evidence: Immigration legal aid fees and the online system (2 December 2021)

ILPA AGM & Conference 2021

Recording: ILPA AGM and Conference 2021 Documents – ilpa ILPA-Annual-Report-2021_Final-for-AGM.pdf

ILPA AGM and Conference 2021 Documents

Seminar Recording – ILPA Handbook for Legal Practitioners: Using the UN Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration as an Interpretative Tool

Zoom Recording: This event is planned for all immigration and asylum practitioners to learn about the new ILPA Handbook for Practitioners on the Global Compact for Migration. It will introduce how the UN Global Compact can assist them and their clients by ensuring that the Home Office lives up to the ministerial statement that […]