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WEB 1067 Best practice and issues for migrant children in care and care leavers

Migrant children and young people in care can face a number of challenges and barriers. These issues can stem from a lack of knowledge and awareness as to what their rights actually are, complex immigration systems, immigration statuses and the services and support they are entitled to. This course will cover best practice in advising […]

WEB 1062 Article 8 ECHR Update

Reviewing the protection afforded by Article 8 ECHR in 2021, in conjunction with recent authorities and policy/statutory changes, in order to equip practitioners for their cases relying on family and private life.   The topics include:   the relationship between Article 8 and the Immigration Rules and the public interest considerations in the NIAA 2002 (as […]

WEB 1064 Family Law for Immigration Practitioners

Aimed at immigration practitioners of all levels with no or limited family law experience, this is your chance to learn from the experts – gain a broad outline of all family law issues relevant to immigration practitioners. This interactive session will discuss in depth case studies.  Options and processes available in divorce/separation  Children law: Public […]

WEB 1065 EU Settlement Scheme and Children

There are estimated to be more than 900,000 children of non-Irish EU citizen parents living in the UK, born either here or abroad. This includes an estimated 239,000 UK-born children, some of whom may be British and others eligible to become British. This course will cover best practice in advising on children’s nationality and applying […]

WEB 1059 ILPA Annual Seminar on the Free Movement of EEA Nationals (Webinar)


WEB 1038 Sole responsibility and the Immigration Rules (WEBINAR)


WEB 1036 Applications and appeals under paragraph 276ADE(1) (iv) of the Immigration Rules (‘7 Year Applications’) (WEBINAR)

(iv) of the Immigration Rules (‘7 Year Applications’) (WEBINAR)

WEB 1041 “Dispatches from the FTT Front Lines”: Current issues litigating for appellants in the FTT (IAC) (Bitesize WEBINAR)

appellants in the FTT (IAC) (Bitesize WEBINAR)

WEB 1040 Age Assessments: recent developments and best practice (WEBINAR)

This webinar will undertake a refresher of the underlying legal principles in age assessment challenges, as well as addressing recent developments and best practice.  Topics: •    Scope of the judicial review•    Requests for reconsideration•    Interim relief and responsible local authority•    Appearance & demeanour •    Holistic and thorough age assessments that incorporate the informed views of others•   […]